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No matter what kind of events you plan, SuperSonic Events can partner with you to ensure your clients remain pleased and impressed. We can help with everything from providing quality entertainment to producing entire events. At SuperSonic Events, we’re proud to say we bring a number of things to the table.

  • Flexibility: It is very common for us to produce an all-day corporate meeting and turn the room in an hour into a gala dinner party with live entertainment. With a little planning, anything is possible.

  • Reliability: We keep our state-of-the-art equipment in top shape, our techs at the top of their games and always have a Plan B and a Plan C, just in case.

  • Adaptability: Situations and schedules change—that’s the very nature of the production business. We can roll with anything and still shine.

  • Consistency: We strive to be our client’s favorite vendor and our vendor’s favorite client. Honesty and integrity go a long way in a world that seems lacking.

  • Creativity: Whether you need a fresh idea or some assistance re-working existing plans, we are here to help, and we bring an enthusiasm to the process that is contagious.

  • Insight: In thinking through each and every facet of a production in detail, we can tell you in advance where the challenges lie and, better still, how best to overcome them.

  • Economy: Using our experience, planning and foresight, we can tailor a production to perfectly suit your needs, greatly exceed your expectations, yet absolutely meet your budget.








“Jeff is a pleasure to work with. He is always responsive, positive and makes things happen!”

–Bess Matuszewski, Intuit Realty

“We have been working with Jeff for years. He is very knowledgeable of our members likes and dislikes and therefore is able to provide entertainment that is a perfect match for our events and private parties. He is available at the drop of a hat and always willing to help!”

–Fernanda Aldredge,
Events Coordinator, Linger Longer Communities



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